Time to evaluate your company website? Top things to consider

Everyday people are comparing products and services online to find the best value for money. Company websites play a make-or-break role in the decision making process and if you aren’t reaching your target audience, perhaps it’s time to evaluate your website and consider a virtual make over. Here are the essential top tips to successfully manage your company website and give your company the best chance at standing out from the crowd.


First and foremost, when a search engine is used to find a service, the keywords used will bring up potentially thousands of hits. Is your company website on the first page? Or do you have to sift through various other pages to find your website link hidden between the layers of other company websites? If you’re the latter, employing the services of a qualified SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist to enhance your websites visibility is certainly something to consider.

Look and Feel

First impressions are everything and if a potential client has found your website and has been faced with poor design layout, broken links and unattractive visual images, you’ll find they are far less likely to stick around. Meeting the needs of your target audience through the overall design, or the “look and feel” of your website is an important step in sustaining interest long enough for your client to explore your website and read up on what you have to offer.


Referring to the structure and functionality of your website, if your target audience can’t seamlessly explore your website due to a incongruous navigation, no call to actions, broken links and poor download speeds, they are more likely to exit abruptly and frustrated or worse…missing the key messaging. Ensuring each link works and connects the user to their selected destination and allowing the user to return to the home page from every other page are basic functions of any website.


So your website is ranking high enough on the search engines to develop a steady flow of traffic, your overall design is flawless, now does the content of your website align with what service your company is offering? Is the purpose of your website consistently clear and succinct? The readability of your website is essential for your target audience to retain information about your company and your services. If they can exit your website with a positive impression and be able to clearly recall what you have to offer, then you’ve got a better chance at encouraging word of mouth and attracting them back to the website in the future.


You’re on a roll! Your target audience has explored your website and has developed a strong interest in employing your company. But can they trust you? Anyone can make a website and credibility is often a deal breaker for many company websites. Ensure that

  • Your contact details are accurate and easy to find.
  • You provide a page of your company’s history from how it began to what you’ve accomplished so far.
  • Provide credentials such as a list of clients, testimonials, staff profiles or a portfolio of past work to prove that your company is genuine and your services are credible.
  • Content is free from grammatical errors to ensure professionalism, avoid miscommunication and confusion.

Terms and conditions, FAQ and privacy policy are provided and up-to-date.

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